Legal Notices

This page includes legal notices along with summaries and links to important policies of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (JTS), 虽然它并不打算全面. A more comprehensive list of policies applicable to members of the JTS community is available on the Sharepoint学生内网.


The Jewish Theological Seminary (“JTS”) is committed to the principle that discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated in the JTS community. All members of the JTS community must be able to work and study in an atmosphere that discourages discrimination and harassment by individuals, including colleagues, supervisors, teachers, and peers. 这一原则适用于包括就业实践在内的领域, personnel policies, financial assistance, educational programs, activities, and housing matters.

它同样适用于教员, staff, students, 以及申请入学和就业的人, 还有所有的游客, invitees, vendors, contractors, consultants, 以及其他访问或与JTS做生意的人. Read the policy here

Discrimination, Harassment, 以及为听证官提供不当性行为政策和程序培训

观看有关歧视的幻灯片, Harassment, 以及为听证官提供不当性行为政策和程序培训 here. (Note: this training was held prior to subsequent administrative and legal developments impacting certain provisions of Title IX. 请参阅JTS的非歧视和反骚扰政策的最新版本.)


所有出现在JTS网站上的图形、照片和文字均受版权保护. 未经明确书面许可,禁止再分发或商业使用. Use of the name, logos, 和其他推荐全球十大菠菜公司排行榜的标志,以JTS的书面同意为准.


In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, JTS is committed to providing: i) equal access to educational resources to qualified students with physical or mental disabilities; and ii) reasonable accommodations to qualified employees. 有关更多信息,请参见: 残疾学生.


This link leads to the machine-readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. 机器可读文件的格式允许研究人员, regulators, 应用程序开发人员可以更轻松地访问和分析数据.



The Jewish Theological Seminary of America (“JTS”) has a responsibility to manage its resources wisely, 以符合法律的方式, 并符合JTS的既定目的. JTS has put in place operating procedures and internal controls that are intended to enable JTS to conduct its operations in accordance with these obligations and to detect, deter, 或防止不当活动. However, 有意或无意的违法行为, regulations, policies, 程序可能发生并可能构成不正当或非法活动.

JTS有责任调查任何不当或非法行为的报告, 并在必要时采取行动纠正问题,防止再次发生. In certain circumstances JTS will report allegations of improper activities to the appropriate parties, 并将报告任何调查结果. Investigations will be conducted with discretion and the information obtained made available only on a “need to know” basis.

根据这项政策,应报告的事项包括涉嫌欺诈, theft, embezzlement, 会计或审计违规, bribery, kickbacks, misuse of JTS assets, 或者可疑的监管, compliance, 或者与道德相关的问题, concerns, or violations. 报告违反JTS适用的人力资源政策的行为, 与同事或经理之间的问题, or issues related to alleged employment discrimination or sexual or other form of unlawful harassment should be dealt with in accordance with JTS’s Human Resources Policies or its Policy on Discrimination and Sexual Harassment. 

It is the responsibility of every employee to report any suspected incidents of improper or illegal activity and violations of significant JTS policies and procedures. An employee should also report any situation where the employee believes he or she has been directed to engage in conduct or activity that would result in a violation of law. 这些报告应该是真实的,并包含尽可能多的具体信息.

An employee should report these concerns promptly to JTS’s General Counsel or another appropriate senior administrator. 如果一个员工关心的是做报告, 员工可以匿名举报, 但这往往会妨碍进行全面调查的能力. 报告可口头提交给总法律顾问基思·布拉特,通过电子邮件发送至 keblatt@ocularoverture.com,或将书面报告(注明“机密”)放入他的内部信箱(编号. 77. 在跟进一份报告时, 总法律顾问或其代表可要求提供补充资料, 所以员工应该提供推荐全球十大菠菜公司排行榜.

An employee filing a complaint concerning a violation or suspected violation of the standards noted above must act in good faith and have reasonable grounds for believing the information disclosed may indicate a violation of such standards. JTS有责任保护员工免受报复, in good faith, 举报JTS或JTS员工的不当或非法行为. 如果员工认为正在发生报复行为, 或者他/她被要求不要报告不正当或非法的活动, 该员工应及时通知总法律顾问或其他高级管理人员. Anyone who engages in retaliation or acts to frustrate the intent of this policy will be subject to discipline. 被发现有不当或非法行为的雇员, or, conversely, 在本政策下不诚实行事, 是否也会受到纪律处分直至解雇.

如果任何JTS工作人员对此政策有任何疑问或寻求其他信息, 请致电212-678-8804或 keblatt@ocularoverture.com.


促进其提供安全可靠的学习和工作环境的努力, 根据联邦法律《克莱利法案, JTS提供其年度安全报告 here. 纸质副本的请求可发送至 facilities@ocularoverture.com.

Legal Disclaimer

JTS网页上的信息是“按原样”提供的,没有任何形式的保证, 明示或暗示, including, but not limited to, 对适销性的默示保证, 适合某一特定目的, 冠名和. 在任何情况下,JTS不承担任何损害赔偿责任, 包括但不限于任何特殊, indirect, incidental, 或者间接损害赔偿, 即使JTS已经被告知这种损害的可能性.

Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information submitted for publication on JTS web pages, 本网站可能无意中包含技术不准确或印刷错误. 资料如有更改或更新,恕不另行通知. JTS also reserves the right to make changes to the programs and policies described on its website at any time without notice. JTS assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions on its website or in documents that are referenced by or linked to this website.

个人主页内容的责任完全由作者负责。. The views and opinions expressed on student and faculty personal pages are strictly the views and opinions of the authors and are not approved or sanctioned by JTS. JTS不会对。施加任何限制, 也没有做任何努力来监控的内容, 除适用的联邦规定以外的通信, state, or local laws, 包括有关隐私权的法律和禁止诽谤材料的法律. JTS对个人网页的内容不承担任何责任.

General Grievance


Any person who believes that JTS policies or procedures either do not conform to applicable laws or are contrary to its own published standards, 而且他的投诉超出了其他听证机构的审理范围, 可要求审议下列事项:

  • In most situations, 这个人应该向相应的院长或人力资源总监咨询, 谁将帮助这个人接近合适的教员, 部门主管或主管.
  • 如果问题没有得到令投诉人满意的解决, he/she may present a written statement to the vice chancellor/chief operating officer who will determine whether he can assist in the resolution of the matter.


任何对合格课程有投诉的学生, requirements, 或对JTS的其他不满, 投诉不能非正式地解决, 如上述一般申诉程序所述, 或者其他适用的听证机构不涉及的, 可以向副校长/首席运营官提出正式的书面投诉吗.

对此提出的任何投诉都应进行调查和解决, if possible, within ninety days, 何时做出最终决定并告知学生. 如果副校长与所谓的问题有直接关系, 可以向教务长提出申诉. Any questions as to whether the vice chancellor is directly involved in a problem shall be directed to the Office of Counsel for determination.

任何提出此类投诉的学生都不会被采取任何不利行动, 只要这些投诉是善意提出的, 并合理保证事实的准确性.


Any student who cannot obtain redress for a complaint through the general grievance procedures outlined above may refer such complaint to the State of New York. 向纽约州提出申诉的程序概述 here.


JTS禁止任何未经授权的商业活动在其校园, 包括广告, marketing, 或者向学生推销信用卡. 

Emergency Closing

JTS遵循纽约市公立学校系统在恶劣天气下停课的决定. 如果纽约市公立学校因天气原因关闭,JTS也将关闭.

There may be a rare occurrence when we decide to close because of a severe storm or other emergency, 尽管城市学校仍然开放. Additionally, 有时纽约市的学校可能已经关闭了, for example, during holidays. 以便在此类事件发生时向您提供此信息, JTS有一条电话线,从早上6点开始播放录音信息.m. 在关闭的情况下. 电话号码是(212)678-8898. 您是否会因为大量的电话而收到重复的忙音信号, 您也可以拨打安检台电话(212)678-8087.

如果JTS因恶劣天气而关闭, 有关的公告将出现在JTS网站的主页上, at 1cgxlus.ocularoverture.com.


根据纽约市的法律, 在宿舍的所有区域以及所有JTS建筑物内和附近禁止吸烟. 这包括教室, restrooms, lobbies, hallways, elevators, lounges, private offices, the courtyard, the moadon和餐厅. 不允许在JTS大楼附近的任何外部区域吸烟. 

整个JTS社区都应该遵守这一政策的规定, 以及任何参观JTS的人. Smoking in a prohibited area may subject the violator to a civil or criminal penalty under the law and/or disciplinary action by JTS. 拒绝按要求扑灭吸烟物品的, 或在禁区内坚持吸烟者, 会向保安处报告吗, or, 在JTS住所内吸烟的情况, 居住生活办公室. JTS reserves the right to dismiss resident students from housing for continued violations of this policy.

如因本吸烟政策而引起争议, 应优先考虑不吸烟一方的健康问题. 任何争议都可以书面提交给宿舍生活主任, 如果争议涉及到宿舍, 或者人力资源总监, for all other disputes; the appropriate director will investigate and resolve the matter.

There will be no retaliatory or other adverse action taken against any person who asserts his/her rights under the Smoke-Free Air Acts. 违反法律可能会受到严厉的惩罚. 卫生部可对JTS和/或个人处以每次2,000美元的罚款.